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Individuality is a true statement of class. This is especially true with new fashion where each garment is the identity of its owner and the brand. Fashion is about you; the individual. Maicco (Maia Samkharadze) is one of the new faces on the design block but is no stranger to the world of fashion in Georgia.

It is the result of years of compiled experience in the industry. Born in 1963, she graduated from the Tbilisi Medical School before opting to indulge in her passion; the fashion industry. Her involvement was especially noteworthy in the boutique scene where she was the proud owner of successful ventures at different periods. With the wealth of experience she had compiled over the years, it was only natural for her to employ this into her own line which exudes a mystery that is as confusing as her birth date (from 7th till 11th of december).

The 14th of November marked the beginning of a new journey as a designer and a name to watch out for. The Fall/Winter collection was accessorized by pieces of pop art that gave the entire collection a ‘jazzy’ feel and a breath of fresh air for Georgian fashion.

We wear Jazz.

This is fantasy,

This is fashion,

This is poetry,

This is art,

This is music,

This is Jazz!

Maicco is about making a statement, about wearing your feelings on your sleeve and about expressing the jazz and craze that is trapped within us. It is about being the individual in the crowd rather than blending into oblivion.

All of this is made true with the atypical colour palette that includes terracotta, dark greens, gunmetal gray and a host of others that will leave us counting all day! Being extraordinary, charming, experimentation, courageous, charismatic, freedom – these are all qualities of Maicco.

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