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Bai Ling wearing Maicco

By admin | Comments: 0 | October 15, 2016

Bai Ling wearing Maicco Dress at Premiere of “decisions” and tribute to Corey Haim.

Bai Ling is a well known Hollywood actress. Mostly known for work in TV shows including Entourage and Lost. ¬†Also for her work in films such as The Crow, Red Corner, Crank: High Voltage, Three… Extremes, Wild Wild West, and Anna and the King.

Bai Ling for Maicco

Maicco started to work with well established stylists from Hollywood in 2011. When presenting the fall winter collection at Berlin Fashion Week, Maicco got explored by the world known stylists and celebrities. The idea that our outfits would be presented at the red carpet was exciting, yet we had to work truly hard to develop the required standards of Hollywood. First Maicco outfit has been worn by Bai Ling; An American actress mostly known for the TV Series: Lost and Entourage.

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